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Projects include exploring topics based on gender, body and sexuality to create progressive conversations. The Deprived team members invite you to be a part of the discussions.

Volume 2 (Ed. 2) Now Out!

Check out our September Issue!┬áCommentaries include the exploration of how Art and the male gaze is influential of body image. The main focus will be based on Old Masters’ artworks and the impact of current effects.

Volunteer Opportunities Now Posted!

Deprived Magazine is currently looking for community involvement which consist of exploring the dynamics of body image concerning objective and subjective perspectives.

What that means is: the team is calling out for models, photographers, stylists and artists to provide commentaries on how both social institutions and familial influences have molded individual views on bodily acceptance and image.

And, exactly, how is Deprived suggesting to do this? Through artistic expression, of course… but mainly photography.

To find out more, follow this link to see details about volunteer opportunities!

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Models: Allison Drechsler, John Forget – Fantasia LaPremiere Photographer: Shayla Hickerson Makeup on Drechsler by Jenna Scali Makeup on Forget – LaPremiere by Jessica Frappa