People go through phases, and so do their brands.

For months, purple hair was my trademark, but as my hair colour went back to its roots (literally and metaphorically), I focused that same energy towards Deprived Media. The project is evolving.

We might as well call this re-branding stage:

New Look, Who Dis?

The vision is still the same.

Deprived Media is an online platform for me to explore my experience through artistic mediums. I am continuously producing content for the Zine that creatively shares my own narrative exploring topics based on:

  • my gender identity in relation to social constructs,
  • body as a form, and a tool used for expression
  • and my journey of accepting my sexuality.

The approach is the difference.

I welcome you to join the Deprived Community! because I know, togetherness is amazing.

I am welcoming you all to continue submitting your visual art, photography, videos, music, and writings if you’re SO deprived too! I would be honoured to share your story expressing your journey of body, gender and sexuality if you’re wanting to take part in creating progressive conservations! See ‘Get Involved!‘ for more information.