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Deprived Magazine is an art project based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The purpose of the magazine’s publications is to provide visual and literary commentaries based on issues regarding gender and sexuality. The commentaries consist both of educational standpoints and individual experiences in hopes to strike up conversations that will break down the stigmas surrounding the explored topics.




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The second issue involves the exploration of the initial stages concerning body image and coming into a sense of Self. The content is a collection of experiences held by Shayla Hickerson, founder of Deprived Magazine. Her stories showcase the challenges of achieving self-acceptance through societal pressures and personal insecurities surrounding the body.

Ultimately, the obstacles concerning body image and self-love influence the inter and intra-personal relationships in life. It is time to focus on the Self and body to strive towards a wholesome mindset and allowing everyone to put their best foot forward! And so, let’s begin!

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Volume 2 (Ed. 1): May 2018
Exploring Body Image as a Trigger of Self and Sexual Worth

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