An online platform where you and I and other Deprived artists creatively share personal, artistic narratives based on topics including:

gender identity in relation to social constructs,

body as a form, and a tool used for expression,

and the journey of accepting sexuality, or the (lack of) sexual nature of humankind.

Photo taken by Karen Forbes; Model: Shayla Hickerson

Welcome to my world!

Step into my shoes and see my life as a ciswoman in her early 20s growing up in a male dominated society that sexualizes women, AND there’s so much more than that! Here’s my story.

Photo taken by Karen Forbes; Model: Allison Drechsler

Welcome to the Deprived Community!

Step into a safe space where we are led through a journey of storytelling based on public art and your submissions! which include visual art, photography, videos, music, and writings!

Let’s build something together.