Deprived Media presents Deprived Magazine! a collaborative art project based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The purpose of the magazine’s publications is to provide visual and literary commentaries based on issues regarding gender and sexuality. The commentaries consist both of educational standpoints and individual experiences in hopes to strike up conversations that will break down the stigmas surrounding the explored topics.


Volume 4: Spring 2019

Exploring Gender Identity, Gender Performance and Social Impacts.
Featuring personal social research essays, and fine artworks based on feminine sexual experience.

Volume 3: October 2018

Exploring Art, Gender and Identity through Fashion.
Featuring essays on gendering nature and toxic masculinities in music culture.


Volume 2 (Ed. 2): September 2018

Exploring Art and the Male Gaze as Influential of Body Image


Volume 2 (Ed. 1): May 2018

Exploring Body Image as a Trigger of Self and Sexual Worth


Volume 1 : December 2017

Initial Stages of Exploring Self and Sex
Featuring a coming-of-age essay based on music culture.

Volume 1 : August 2017 (teaser)

Project Introduction