Allow me to introduce the project: Deprived Magazine.

This is more than just an ordinary magazine. It is special in numerous ways. It works to create progressive conversations through hosting educational and creative events, as well as showcase art in the magazine publications.

That being said, conversations involve more than one party…. so, it works with the community to find its content! That means anything published can be something you submitted!

Each publication of the magazine aims to break down stigmas and open up conversations about topics surrounding gender and sexuality. Then once a topic is chosen, we turn to you to help create ideas through different artistic ways; such as visual art, photography, poetry, articles, music, and even video art!

So prepare for discussions galore, and remember that this is a positive space. Be mindful of other’s opinions; but, feel free to share yours in a respectful, artsy-fartsy way!




The team is currently working towards hosting Deprived’s first series of events.

Check out the Events tab for workshops/talks/performances/galas come the new year!


The first issue involves exploring the initial stages of people coming into their sexuality. Once people start learning about their sexual interests and sexual identity, they tend to begin experimenting. Topics such as virginity and purity versus corruption, the sense of being deflowered, and the journey in-between is what we are looking for here!

Check out the first issue in the December 2017 Archives


Going Bananas

Photography by Karen Forbes Model: Dennis Orr Stylist: Dennis Orr Bananas have been used as sexual metaphors for ages. Is it the shape? Is it the colour? Is it the ressemblance to the male genitalia? All we know at Deprived, is that this fruit has us going BANANAS!

Nice Melons!

Photography by Karen Forbes Model: Hannah Viau Stylist: Hannah Viau Nice Melons! How many times have you heard that while walking around the grocery store with some nice, ripe watermelons, cantaloupes or honey dew in-hand? For the team at Deprived, we’ve heard it too many times to count!

The Colour Orange

Courtesy of Crystal Anastacia Eash, Orange Toxicity, 2017. “I call this one Orange Toxicity. The message in this is that words can affect and poison. That a negative or toxic person can change your being. Your composure, mood, quality of life.” Website

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November 4, 2017

“This magazine has taken a lot of very hard work and time to bring together. This magazine is doing truly powerful and amazing things, it’s more than just a magazine it’s apart of a movement to create a safe and open space . The creation of the magazine was not to gain success but was made as a venue for unlimited artists to come together and collaborate. When I was a photographer for one of the photoshoots, there was no set outcome and is simply an outcome of the photographer, models, and landscapes personal improv collaboration. It’s a pretty amazing experience. Each shoot has new models, items, and photographers meaning there’s a new look, a new approach, and content every time. It’s been an honour to be on the team of this magazine and I’m happy to be known as the “Creative director of Visual arts”. It’s a euphoric feeling to have my photos, captions, and essays credited in this magazine, simply because I know I’m supporting a larger cause, a safe and open space to talk.

Please take a look, share, like, pass the word. Because everyone deserves a safe and open place.”

Vanessa Ervin, via Facebook


“The collaboration is what adds to it, with the consent and reference of those who contribute to the works is what makes it have the creative opportunity to take off in different directions. As being a roommate to the founder and witnessing the work that goes into the magazine is amazing to see the ideas bounce off one another in the moment. And it takes on an improvisation aspect to get the result.”

Haley Mehlhorn, excerpt via Instagram