What in Carnation

Photographer: Kristina – photo submitted by Model: Meagan Breukelman


It’s no secret that the human race is a sexual breed, yet the topics of sexuality and sexual experiences are usually kept on a hush-hush radar. And so we ask ourselves: what in carnation is going on here? Why is something so natural also considered something so taboo?

Well, for starters, for some people sex is more than just an act. It also makes them vulnerable, and they give a little of themselves to their partner. In this vulnerable state, it becomes easier to get hurt by someone that you decide is special enough to trust wholly.

But how do we make sex less taboo? It’s not necessarily the act itself that’s a burden, but it’s the meaning, and the abuse of consent and sexual wishes.

Now to the next question; how do we go about making sex less taboo? We start by talking about it. We start by having a conversation, a discussion. We express our personal wishes and our boundaries, and make it clear where we give consent. We stand our guard. Then all we can ask for is respect in return.

Deprived Magazine

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