Lack of Sex Education?

Lack of Proper Sex Ed?

excerpt courtesy of
Ervin, Vanessa. The Comparison of Abstinence Sex Education and          Comprehensive Education. WOME-1100-YDE, 23 Mar. 2017.

Is there a correct way? Everyone goes through the sexual and puberty development stage at some point or another while experiencing it all differently. With most people there is a change in our bodies and our sexual mindset. As we get older the only way to understand these things is to be educated. This is often where schools comes into place teaching us not only education but also sex education. One of the many problems and debates however, is which type of sex education to teach; Absence sex education or Comprehensive education? Abstinence Sex Education is defined as being, “teaching the social, psychological, and health gains to be realized by abstaining from sexual activity. It teaches that abstinence from sexual activity outside of marriage is the expected standard from all unmarried children. It also Teaches that sexual activity outside of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological and physical side effects to them, their parents, and society” (Abstinence-Only-Programs). Comprehensive Sex Education is defined as “teaching about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDs and unintended pregnancy, but also teaching about condoms and contraceptives to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and infection. It also teaches interpersonal and communication skills and helps young people explore their own values, goals, and options” (Sex Education Programs). Although there are many valid points made by both types of sex education, [individuals should] discuss the undeniable and proven facts when comparing Abstinence Sex Education and Comprehensive Sex Education. When comparing Abstinence Sex Education with Comprehensive Sex Education it can easily be seen that there are distinct differences between the two when it comes to establishing the value of a person, knowledge, and stigma.

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