I’m fluid,
like a river flowing over sharp bends and obstructions;
I am neither myself, nor Someone who I don’t recognize.
I float along the surface of reality;
a reality of televised series of events
not fit for the big screen, but fit for the projection screen
spread out across the back of my eyelids.

I am the supporting role, and you are the hero;
the character who is romanticized beyond recognition.
I support the role which I have crafted for you.
You exist not as yourself, but as a figment of my imagination.
You are the love that I mold with my figurative hands,
an artwork which is conceptualized and played by your form
in my dreams,
in my thoughts,
in my storyline which has yet to be written.

You are fluid,
like the ink of my pen as I write poems
and connect words that create the outline of you.
You are neither yourself, nor the person I dream you to be.
You float along the waves of thought that roll into my mind.
And I hope that you don’t mind,you exist as the static in a fuzzy televised screen
captured on the back of my eyelids.

We are both fluid,
we exist together in my thoughts
and yet you cannot even begin to comprehend 
that we are two bodies of the same water.

A poem by Shayla Hickerson

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