Gender, Identity and Social Impacts with Alisha

Non-Conforming Newlywed

Meet Alisha! Their identity as a non-binary individual influences their day-to-day experiences. Alisha recognizes that their identity is non-conforming, but overall, they are read as very feminine. Even thinking back to their recent heterosexual marriage, they realize that people will make assumptions that align with the binary. Nevertheless, Alisha talks about the challenges they face, especially in their marriage, that dismantle the binary social pressures. This is their world! This is their perspective:

As part of her project, Shayla Hickerson organized interview-based discussions based on topics of gender, identity and social impacts.

Volunteers had the option to answer one or any of the seven questions which served as discussion starters. They also had the option for voice-recordings or written responses to create a comfortable environment to tell their story.

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