Sexual Liberation?

Hickerson, Bathe Myself in Your Motion, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 24x36in.

Artwork Description:

Bathe Myself in Your Motion, 2019, is a rendition based on Edgar Degas’s After the Bath IV, c. 1880, and William Blake’s Newton, 1795. Although the bather and Newton were painted nearly a century apart, they become the subjects of intimacy in this composition. The bather removes the last of her clothing as Newton opens a condom. The intimacy of the scene is juxtaposed by the ambiguity of their identities. The viewer recognizes that these figures are connecting in heterosexual play, but the viewer doesn’t recognize their identities due to the lack of facial details. Although sex is a common act embedded in the core of human nature, the act of sex is still ‘sinfully’ regarded as a topic that can’t be addressed publicly. Especially for women, we are sexual creatures that can’t be identified as thus. Who do we become as we grant ourselves sexual liberation? 

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