Let’s Chill

Hickerson, Let’s Chill, 2019, acrylic on canvas, 24x36in.

Artwork Description:

Let’s Chill, 2019, is a rendition based on Vincent Van Gogh’s Nude Woman Reclining, Seen from the Back, 1887. The composition and colour scheme remain the same as the original painting with the addition of a man and a television on a dresser with the display: “are you still watching?”. The man is slightly turned away from the viewer; his identity becomes a mystery as he dresses himself. The viewer understands that they just walked into the moments that follow after sex. Although the painting is ultimately a commentary on hook-up culture, there are questions of how the two figures will proceed – will he stay the night – and questions regarding the nature of their relationship – is this a one night stand, a casual dynamic or something more serious? All that’s for certain is that they momentarily enjoyed themselves to the point where their attention was no longer on the television.

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