Social Constructs, a poem

Socially, there seems to be a confusion on gendering items.
Octopus Stuffies and bags are constantly questioned on their ability to be feminine or masculine.
Calculations in my head conclude that in reality, it is a genderless object.
Insistent is the word I use for customers when they just stare blankly, because they do not
Accept the response: ‘well if you’ll make use of it, then I say it doesn’t matter.’
Like the advertising market sets the option for you to make use of a product.

Cough, cough. Sorry sir, I’ll have to ask you to take off those flipflops because they are
Obnoxiously feminine, can’t you tell?
No? well, it reeks of sugar and spice and everything nice…
Smells more like bullshit if you ask me.
Truthfully, I’m shocked that you asked my opinion but then;
Rejected my answer that lacked the answer you were searching for.
Ultimately, if it fills up the emptiness of your stare with re-assurance.
Consider putting the frame back on the shelf.
The floral design is definitely stereotyped as feminine.
Surely, based on your look, you’re limiting yourself to objects gendered as male. 

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