An Exile Full of Tears

I didn’t see the emptiness approach. I had been filled with emotions. A plethora of happiness one may say. Happiness took so much space there was no vacancy within my chest and mind. Although there had been a crack in my heart which gave way for another to forcefully welcome their stay. Happiness was no longer the alpha; emptiness seized power and sentenced emotions to exile. 

I closed my arms tighter around the pillow with hopes to comfort my curled body, and catch every falling tear. The tears escaped my eyes, which were squeezed tightly shut, and they rolled down the side of my face dreading the exile they now faced. The emptiness within myself was no lodger for emotions. The two did not reside together. They competed for the title of alpha state. As emptiness took hold of the space within my chest and mind, the emotions fled. Their humane water, bodily forms dragged their traces behind them until they found refuge in the pillow’s soft material.

Shayla Hickerson
19 July 2015

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