De Beauvoir and the Other

And now! For a little philosophy… This piece is influenced by Simone de Beauvoir’s works explaining that the identity of women is defined in reflection to man. Basically, in short, similarly to how the cold is known in the absence of warmth, the female is known in comparison to what man is not. The male is the Self, and the respective feminine counterpart is the Other. Thus, in continuation of my exploration of my female identity, I present to you:

You were Adam and I was an Eves-drop,

Hanging on the edge of a sense of home.

I was given a role to perform;

Objectified by society and deemed useful for a few things…

In a place called home.

It’s supposed to be my comfort zone,

My safe place,

A safe haven.

But I realized I wanted to save haven.

You might have been Adam, but I am

A woman sitting in the heart of civilization,

Creating my identity within the societal rib cage.

I create my role regardless of your reflection.

I choose to be my self, 

As opposed to the Other.

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