I’ve heard that as a relationship 
grows older, the distance between them grows too –
first emotionally, even if it’s subconsciously, 
and then physically, as seen as they sleep on either ends of
their king size mattress. Maybe that’s why I love 
a small mattress, I think it will force us to stay together.
Sure, you may want your space, and I will give that to you 
daily. Feel free to take up beautiful amounts of space, 
and move freely around without me because we aren’t one
person, but we can be two persons that come together at night 
and close that distance between us so that there is no more space.
There’s just you and me, squished on a small mattress,
and I couldn’t be more comfortable, first physically. Then emotionally. 

Shayla Hickerson
22 November 2020

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