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Volume 6: with Danielle Jackson

May 2022

Dull Dolls Don’t Die; Exploring themes of the male gaze,
discomfort and abandonment.

Volume 5: with Roxanne Tull

April 2020

Expressing the effects of bullying as an adult,
and discovering the healing properties of mixed media, abstract art.

Volume 4: With Viiein Dampier

October 2018

Exploring Art, Gender and Identity through Fashion.

Volume 3: with Adelie Bergstrom

September 2018

Exploring what it means to be a woman and feeling alienated from one’s own body.
Featuring Girls who Grow Galaxies.

Volume 2: September 2018

Exploring Art and the Male Gaze as Influential of Body Image

Volume 1: December 2017

Initial Stages of Exploring Self and Sex

Teaser: August 2017

Project Introduction

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