Support systems are made up with people who you can trust.

I went to tell someone right away, and I’m thankful I had that opportunity, but not everyone has that support system. I wasn’t alone, and I’m not alone right now either. Now I’m doing something about it by sharing my story to help others.

If you don’t have a support system, there are services that you can go to. There are anonymous support groups, so even if you feel like you have no one that you can trust, there are other ways to create a support system. You are not alone. Even if you aren’t being bullied but you see a victim, help them in a safe way. Be the support in any way you can without putting yourself in danger too.

Togetherness is the key to helping each other overcome bullying.

Love, Roxy

Kindness is Key

Okay. So with bullying, it doesn’t matter how old you are. This can happen at any time, no matter what someone’s race is, who they identify as, or their ability. It is very important that we respect one another and that we cherish each other’s differences everyday. It’s not fair in society that people should have to get mistreated because of their differences.

Treat everyone in this world with kindness. It’s only fair that we treat each other equally.

Love, Roxy

The Invisible Culprit

Bullying can seem invisible sometimes because it doesn’t always happen in public.

It can happen in small places, and it happens in ways people least expect it, like over text or social media. Some people don’t see it because they’re not always around to witness a friend or family member get bullied, but it’s there. Everyone has either been a bully victim, known a bully victim or has witnessed bullying.

We need to be upstanders! We need to be good defenders who will stick up for bully victims. Let loved ones know that you can be there for support, even if you don’t see them in harm’s way.

Love, Roxy