A Poem for the Romantics

In one swift gesture,I wrapped the comforter around me And through my legs,Surrounding me in a warmthSimilar to when we’d layOn our sides,Bodies pressed together. I breathed out heavily,And a ‘hey’ escaped with it.It was a responseAs if you were there –Arms wrapped around me,Bodies pressed together,Laying on our sides –And had just recited The Words […]

A Swelling Heart Can Easily Shatter

I know that you love me because you do express your feelings, although sometimes I wonder if I’m actually that special. It makes me extremely happy when you tell me things like how much you love my laugh, my eyes, and my smile. It leaves me feeling something that no one has ever given me. […]


Mother me until my insides bleed out a sea of warmth.Utter nonsense that strings through the air and creates a dialogue of langue.Seize the opportunity to care for me tenderly, unconventionally, unintentionally, infinitely…Eternally, internally twist my insides so that I become a thread, wrapped around your finger – warped around your linger. Stay. A poem […]

Letters to My Love

Part 2 I mentioned how I perceived three perspectives which can be applied in response to your predicament. Primarily, there is the perspective of Agreement. The way you explained your current state makes perfect sense, and it can be problematic to try and build a relationship on twisted foundations. Secondly, there is the perspective of […]