Women, So Much More than their Bodies

Photography and Styling by Shayla Hickerson Makeup by Saskia Pateman Written by Saskia Pateman I remember one of my first thoughts as we started the shoot was comparing how my body looked to the other girls in the room. I quickly stopped myself and came to the realization that I was doing exactly what this […]

Art, the Male Gaze and Body Image: Ft. Yves Klein

Photo and Styling courtesy of Shayla Hickerson Models from left to right: John Forget – Fantasia LaPremiere, Allison Drechsler, Amelia Eirynn, Jacqueline Heinrich, Saskia Pateman Makeup by Jenna Scali and Jessica Frappa Reclaiming the Feminine Image (Part 2) In the beginning of the Volume geared towards ‘Exploring Art and the Male Gaze as Influential of […]

You’re a Work of Art, My Dear

You’re too tall. You’re too pale. Too big, too flat, too boyish, too old. These thoughts bleed into my soul far too often. You, too, probably have criticized yourself for being too something. We talk about body positivity, about self-love, about girls supporting girls. But most of us succumb to self-judgment at least some of […]