Then You Feel Magnitudes

McKenna James, Then You Feel Magnitudes, 2017.

I love you he says when
his hair falls in my face,
his eyes are on my eyes,
his nose brushes against my cheek,
his fingers trace my jaw,
his lips embrace my lips,
his arm leans against my chest,
his chest hovers over my heart,
his legs wrap around my legs,
and my arms lie dead at my side
because I have never been more uncomfortable in my life.
Or in love.

L’APPEL DU VIDE, a script



GABI                          Female, 15 years old, shy/kept to herself, unable to fit in with the rest of her community, and unconventionally beautiful. She has purple hair and wears red glasses and white graduation gown attire.

ALISON                     Female, 15 years old, Gabi’s best friend, intelligent, self-confident, energetic, talkative, and conventionally beautiful. She has brown hair in an eloquent, detailed braid and wears white graduation gown attire as well.

JASON                       Male, 15 years old, Gabi and Alison’s friend, upset, angry, confused, fragile, thin, tall. He has hair of any colour that hangs in his face and wears white graduation gown attire as well.

CONDUCTOR           30+ years old, powerful, self-confident, and has a commanding presence. Gender of this character does not matter, but must be male or female due to the polar-opposite rules of the world the play takes place in. He or she has undyed hair and is wearing decorative, lavish clothing (suit-and-tie or eloquent dress).

TIME                          The beginning of the year, 2046

SETTING                   A supply closet, or a room that would be at the back of a theatre.


Right now, Gabi Wells knows three things: (1) she likes girls, (2) she also likes guys, and (3) in ten minutes, she will have to announce her sexual-orientation to a community of people who only accept the polar opposites of gay and straight. In the panic of the moment, Gabi makes an uncomfortable decision.


A play by McKenna James
Copyright © Mckenna Boeckner 2017

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Poetic Vulnerability

Courtesy of Shayla Hickerson (2017)

Porcelain Skin
Hit me with a hammer,
and I will crack.
Poke with me a sewing needle
and I will shatter.

I stood before you, naked.
My clothes found refuge at my feet.
And I wondered if I should be humiliated
With the odd angles at which my body curved
Inwards and out.
You found my shyness cute.

I am but a mist hanging behind the pull of your eyelids. A figment of your imagination melting in the eavesdrop after a chilling winter spent in yesterday’s embrace. The rotation of the record player started to match that of the rotation belonging to the roll of your eyes viewed in high definition from my front row seat, whilst the rate of my heart paused. The little dream you dreamt of me faded through translucent pixels as the melancholic melody was heard through a final, whispered vinyl revolution.