Deprived Community.

Welcome to the Deprived Community!

Step into a safe space and join the storytelling based on public art and your submissions! which include visual art, photography, videos, music, and writings!

Deprived Community is an online platform where artists creatively share personal, artistic narratives based on topics including:

gender identity in relation to social constructs,

body as a form, and a tool used for expression,

and the journey of accepting sexuality, or the (lack of) sexual nature of humankind.

Deprived Media provides a space where artists, like you and me, can contribute to taboo conversations through artistic means. The medium and approach is limitless because an artist needs the respect of creative liberties to capture their narratives their own way;

It’s not always easy to talk about personal experiences, but sometimes words aren’t needed.

Here, Noah Connor discusses sexual ideas in music.

Photos and edits by Karen Forbes

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