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Deprived Community has launched its third Volume, so now it’s time to ask: what’s next?

Well, the purpose of the magazine is to explore topics surrounding gender and sexuality through art.

So far, the team has opened up the floor for discussions surrounding standards and expectations, self-care and acceptance, sexual education (or lack thereof), possible views of virginity, and the vulnerability that comes with the concept of being ‘deflowered’.

These are all topics that can’t be discussed fully in one volume, and so we’ve decided to explore each category in more depth.

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And so! The team is offering new volunteer opportunities for the public to have an active role in the second publication. These opportunities allow people the chance to express themselves through creative means, while building up their resume or CV, and connect with their community on a personal level.

What types of volunteer opportunities are offered?

RE: Submissions

RE: Modeling/Photography/On-Set Stylist/Artist

NB If you have an idea that screams Deprived Magazine (in affiliation with Deprived Media) but doesn’t fit into one of the categories above, feel free to contact us and a team member will respond in a timely manner to further discuss opportunities.

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