Editor’s Letter

You may have seen the teasers around on our social media platforms. Cough. Cough. Did someone say Instagram? Did someone say Facebook? If you’re not following us yet, make sure to check us out! Not everything posted there will be posted here.

Anyways, to get down to business. The magazine has officially launched! Yes, this is the first post. Call it… the ‘Letter from the Editor-in-Chief’, except it’s not that official.

To provide an overview of the content that will be served to you, in simple and generic terms, we’ll be aiming to start conversations about gender stereotypes and stigmas around sexuality. In specific, for the first issue, Deprived Magazine will be opening up the floor for discussions surrounding standards and expectations, self-care and acceptance, sexual education (or lack thereof), possible views of virginity, and the concept of being ‘deflowered’. To sum it all up, the first issue will touch base on topics concerning the ‘coming of age’ of sexual experiences.

The content will be expressed in various means, including visual art, photography, written works, video art, music, and submissions! The purpose of using all the technical approaches is to reach out to a larger community in hopes of creating a larger platform for conversation. In no means are the posts meant to be taken as fact. They are experiences by Deprived Magazine’s team and the community alike. Each story is valid. Each voice is meant to be heard – spoken and received in a respectful manner. And so, drum-roll please…

Hello World!

Allow me to formally introduce to you: Deprived Magazine!

Yours truly,

Deprived Magazine