Welcome to the Zine! A Place where the Deprived team explores their own identities and shares their experiences with you! How can we ask for you to be vulnerable by speaking against the silence if we didn’t do it for ourselves? So here we are, shedding our tough skins until we become figuratively naked. Clear-cut: by exposing our own experiences, we hope that you acquire the courage to join the social dialogue!

Shayla, Volume 4: December 2020

Well, You Taught Me, Master.

Reflections of intimacy portrayed by the male gaze of Old Masters,
and the prevailing themes in the Western, modern world.

Shayla, Volume 3: January 2020

Intimate Relationships, and the Phases of My Dating Life.

Letters of a first heartbreak.
Poems for my muses.
Curiosities & Consent.

Shayla, Volume 2: Spring 2019

Exploring Gender Identity, Gender Performance and Social Impacts.
Featuring personal social research essays, and fine artworks based on feminine sexual experience.

Shayla, Volume 1: May 2018

Exploring Body Image as a Trigger of Self and Sexual Worth.

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