Get Involved!

Since the birth of Deprived Media, the vision of all the Deprived projects is to create continuous conversations regarding gender, body and sexuality. Although the topics that are discussed may rotate, each theme is just as important as the next.

Recently, I believed it was important to turn the discussion to gender.

And so, here we are! How are YOU doing? I want to take this time to discuss gender, identity and social pressures on gender roles. I want to take this time to hear your story, and with your permission, I’d like to help you share it.

You can get involved through:

E-Magazine Contributions (click to see guides on submitting and/or volunteering)

Joining the Deprived Community (click to see guides on blogging and/or submitting)

Or, simply continuing the conversation on social media using the hashtag: #deprivedaf !


If the current topic of gender doesn’t resonate with you, but you are still passionate in joining the conversations to normalize hushed topics, no need to worry! Your voice is valid. Your perspective is valid. You are allowed to tell your story based on your human experience filled of emotions, of discovery, of hardships, of success, of love, of loneliness, of togetherness. Your experience in a society with gender, importance on bodily presentation and pressures influencing inter and intra-personal connections is valid.

Deprived Media is essentially one large project, made up of many mini projects. Thus, there is always an opportunity for involvement. There’s always a chance to share your story.

I encourage you to submit original artworks whenever is optimal for you! As long as the piece relates to gender, body and sexuality, it can be highlighted as a special topic when it doesn’t coincide with the present topics discussed in the Deprived e-magazine or the community blog.

Models in order of appearance: John Forget-Fantasia LaPremiere, Allison Drechsler, Saskia Pateman, Jacqueline Heinrich. Photo taken by Shayla Hickerson.
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