Deprived Media

is a Social Project comprised of public art, blogs, publications and events. The aim is to start progressive conversations about topics such as gender and sexuality while exploring the stigmas surrounding human experience and social issues.

We seek to push the boundaries of gender, sexuality and experience through unconventional means, including but not limited to: visual Art, photography, music, creative and academic writing, events, and workshops.


Hi, my name is Shayla Hickerson (she/her). I am a recent graduate of the Honours Bachelors of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) program at Lakehead University, where I specialized in acrylic painting, sculpture and abstract poetry.

My works, both written and visual, consist of experimentation with Neoclassicism and Abstract art. As an emerging artist, I have had the privilege of exhibiting works in galleries in my hometown, including Definitely Superior, and the Thunder Bay Art Gallery. Plus, after moving to Toronto, post-grad, I have made contributions to She’s Got Wonder, and RAW Artists Toronto.

I aim to create impact by displaying a woman’s perspective through my artistic process and personal experience. Currently, my works comment heavily on identity, and the reflection of prevalent patriarchal ideals depicted within the female nude of Old Master works, renditioned in contemporary settings.

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