Critiques on Melodic Commentaries

Welcome to Deprived Media’s music portion!
Here I will discuss a song or two every issue that I think handles sexual ideas very well.

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The Curious Case of Sufjan Stevens and the Specific Gendering of a Wasp or: How to Make the Title of This Essay Longer Than the Title of the Song It’s Covering!

Read full article Sexual-Indie:
Beach Life-in-Death: The Ocean Washed Over Your Grave

noah 2
(Noah Connor performing mid set)

Behind-The-Scenes Action –

Meet the people behind the projects. The musical talent. The critical ear.

Noah Connor is an English major currently attending Lakehead University. Connor also plays in bands around his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario. With this musical background, he aims to bring the ideas that are supported by Deprived Media into his music and hopefully the public conscious by way of performing.

(Rendition of Confused Man Yells at Floor, Noah Connor.)