RE: Submissions

Deprived Media is a collection of expressive stories working towards challenging the social constructs established in today’s Western society. Through the efforts made by the magazine’s team members, some issues surrounding body and sexuality have been brought to light. Ultimately, a perspective can only be true for the individual who experiences it first-hand, and so the team would like to put out an invitation for other individuals to share their stories as well.

By establishing a collective voice, the conversation provides new perspectives. The dialogue is not limited to representing a certain population of people, but rather, it showcases a reality existing outside of the norm. A community-driven project allows people to understand a story that is not their own to tell.

Since the project is conversation based, Deprived Media is currently looking for submissions. There is no fee to submit, and no limit to the number of submissions. Works selected by Deprived Media are for the purposes of educating, and allowing your voice to be heard.

And so!

What exactly is it that Deprived Media is looking for?

Submissions can be in the form of music, visual art, creative writing, photography, video art, and/or academic articles.

How Do You Submit?

  1. Fill out the Publication Agreement
  2. Include a statement explaining why you believe each submission relates to one of the topics listed below:
  • standards and expectations,
  • self-care and acceptance,
  • sexual education (or lack thereof),
  • possible views of virginity,
  • the vulnerability that comes with the concept of being ‘deflowered’
  1. Send documents (signed publication agreement and explanation) to

Please note: If submissions are anonymous, please state.

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