Volume 2, Ed. 1

Letter from the Editor

Growing up in a small city located in the middle of nowhere has its pros, but it also has its cons. You’ll hear many individuals say that the isolation causes people to have a limited, small town mindset. Yet, in a way, the limited thinking becomes a microcosm of the nation’s social beliefs.

From my personal observations, the trend of being closed off to progressive ways of living in an isolated town stems from the same fears and stigmas projected anywhere else in the world. We are not much different. There is a lack of communication. There is a lack of understanding, and maybe even a lack of listening.

Ultimately, I have decided that enough is enough. I am tired of beating around the bush. I hate the mind games that I never signed up to play. I want to be able to express myself respectfully, and receive an honest response in return. It seems like a simple thing to ask for, but in reality, it proves to be very difficult. Poor communication skills seem to be apparent, in both the self and the other. Even though I am aware of how I want to communicate, I find myself falling short of my standards because of my own past experiences and the social, stigmatized influences.

After the publication of Deprived’s first issue, I realized that I opened up a social platform for challenging a few social issues, but it was only the beginning of the conversation. There is so much more needed to be said. So, I have considered taking each theme from the first issue, and furthering the discussions within the next few publications. The first topic I personally want to explore is body image, and how body image influences self value and sexual worth.

I realize it would be difficult to ask the community for their stories, if I can’t readily share my own. Thus, I have decided that I want to start this next chapter in the deprived journey by telling my own story, because that’s the only one I truly know. It’s the story that I have the right to tell.

And so, here it is! Here I am! This is me. This is my story.


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